Do Car Color Choices Make a Difference?

Do Car Color Choices Make a Difference?

Do Car Color Choices Make a Difference?

Do you ever find yourself in traffic and among a flock of cars the same color as yours? Do you ever park and see one color of vehicle dominant over another? Back when Henry Ford produced the Model T it was said you could buy it in any color, as long as it was black. Today, automobile companies have made a science, and millions of dollars, in choosing colors in which their vehicles will be available.

Other than the subjective personal choice, do car colors make any real difference? You may be surprised.

Popular Car Color Choices for 2019

White has always been a popular color for vehicles, and in 2019 it once again led the way with 19.3% of buyers selecting white. It was followed closely by silver at 18% and black at 12.4%. Medium dark blue was chosen 11.4% of the time with 7.5% choosing medium gray. Medium red was selected by 7.1% of buyers with medium dark green the choice of 6.7%.

Car Color Choices and Car Values

While black and white are popular as new car colors, more exotic colors tend to depreciate less. Orange and yellow, for example, hold onto their value better as they age. Dark green also retains value at a higher percentage than more common colors.

Car Color Choices and Traffic Tickets

Because there are more white vehicles, white cars tend to get more tickets than any other color. Proportionately, however, gray and red cars seem to get more traffic tickets.

Car Color Choices and Temperature

Darker cars absorb more heat, making them hotter. This is one reason light color and white cars are so popular, particularly in the South. The difference between a white car and a dark car left out in the sun for an hour will frequently be 5 or 6 degrees.

Do Car Color Choices Affect Car Insurance Rates?

There is no evidence or indication that auto insurance companies use color as a factor in determining car insurance rates. In fact, the VIN number doesn’t even identify the color of an insured vehicle.

While color may not impact the cost of your auto insurance, the agent you choose can. Select one of our independent insurance agents to find the most value for you. Contact us to get started today.

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