Signs Your House May Be About to be Burglarized

Signs Your House May Be About to be Burglarized

Signs Your House May Be About to be Burglarized

Have you ever noticed something strange about your home when you come home from work or have a feeling you are being watched? It may be more than intuition. Here are some clues that your home may be under surveillance to be robbed.

Strange People or Cars in Your Neighborhood

Most people are aware of the people or vehicles that frequent their neighborhood. If you start noticing strange cars parked along the road or strangers walking in the neighborhood, it could be a sign your area and your house are being targeted.

Missing Trash

Take the time to shred any papers that contain personal information before discarding them. It may only take a few weeks of collecting some of your personal mail and bills to put together a plan to steal your identification.

Your Dog Comes Up Missing

You may think your dog, who barks at strangers and comes up missing, may have just run away. It is also possible that a no-gooder has removed him to get rid of your property’s guardian. This may not even occur to you until after the fact.

A broken Window

Some criminals may throw rocks at windows to see if a home is occupied. A broken glass window may be a sign your home was being tested.

Flyers, Ads, and Stickers

Some robbers will place flyers or ads on doorsteps and porches, or stickers on door frames to see if people are entering a home. If you notice a sticker across your door or frame or an ad slipped on your door, it could serve as a clue to criminals that no one is home.

Non-Working Outdoor Lights

If you have outdoor spotlights and motion-activated lights and they appear to be unworking, fix them promptly. Some lighting may be damaged by a potential thief to see if and how quickly you respond.

Of course, you also want to make sure you never post vacation plans online on your social media and you tighten the security features of your accounts. You don’t need to live in fear, but be aware.

Your home insurance can help cover you from the financial loss of a burglary. It is just one benefit of a well-crafted home insurance policy. Contact one of our independent house insurance agents for your no-obligation review and price quote. We look forward to assisting you.

Be Confidently Insured.


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