What Amount Would You Sue For?

What Amount Would You Sue For?

What Amount Would You Sue For?

Here’s an uncomfortable thought. If a loved one or spouse were to be killed in an auto accident due to the negligence of another, what damages would you seek? There are lawyers who make a career out of such cases, because they often have lucrative settlements.

It is likely you wouldn’t settle for an amount in the tens of thousands of dollars. After all, their life was shortened, ability to produce an income was stopped, not to imagine the other losses associated with an at-fault accident.

While many lawyers will seek out a million dollar or more settlements in such cases, the victim may have only carried a modest amount of insurance on their own life. It can be viewed as a bit ironic that a person may only carry a few thousand dollars of insurance on their own life, but should that life be taken by another, its value rises into the millions.

Understandable, mind you, but a bit ironic.

We are sometimes asked how much life insurance a person should have. You can answer your own question by asking how much compensation would you seek in the event of that’s person’s unjust death? It is a question worth asking.

Life insurance prices are at an exceptionally affordable level. If you haven’t had a price quote on life insurance for you or a loved one, now is the time to at least explore your options. There is no obligation to get a quote. Just contact us and share a bit of information. Tell us about your future financial goals and current personal status. We can go to work building a plan for you. Again, there’s no obligation. Even if you feel you can’t quite afford the full amount of insurance you desire, we can help you get started with a solid plan to build upon,

See how easy we can make it. Connect with on of our agents today.


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