The Biggest Factors Impacting Life Expectancy

The Biggest Factors Impacting Life Expectancy

The Biggest Factors Impacting Life Expectancy

Some people believe they have little impact on how long they will live. Some believe how long they will live is predestined. Most experts, however, believe it is a combination of factors.

Accidents aside, most agree a person’s lifespan is determined by two broad categories; genetics and lifestyle choices.


Genetics are basically the factors that you are born with and inherited from your parents. Genetics can influence everything from eye and hair color to the likelihood of you suffering from one of the three types of genetic diseases. Gender is influenced by genetics, and that too has an impact on lifespan. While genetics is a critical factor in how long you live, you have no influence on your genetics.

Lifestyle Choices

The area where you have the biggest impact on your lifespan is in your lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices are the conscious decisions we make in our lives that may influence our health and well-being. Lifestyle choices include your decision to smoke or use tobacco or to drink alcohol. You can choose to eat a poor diet and not exercise. Lifestyle choices may even include risky behaviors like mountain climbing, sky diving, or driving a race car.

You can definitely affect the likelihood of expanding your lifespan with better lifestyle choices.

The bottom line is that while you may not be able to influence your genetics, you have a lot to say about your lifestyle choices. Choose wisely.

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