Celebrate Easter with These Fun Activities!

Celebrate Easter with These Fun Activities!

Celebrate Easter with These Fun Activities!

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that three days after the crucifixion of Jesus, he rose from the dead; his tomb found empty. Christians gather to celebrate the life of Jesus and give thanks for what he did.

If you’re not religious, however, you may find yourself celebrating Easter regardless. Possibly, your family members are religious and celebrate their homes that you attend every year. Or, maybe, your children are overjoyed at the sight of huge baskets full of candy. When you visit the mall, you’ll find an Easter bunny in front of a beautiful, spring-colored background ready to take photos with your children. The smiles children have when their excited are worth buying that sugar-filled Easter basket for them.

Are you looking for some activities to entertain your children or your family with this Easter Sunday?

Keep reading for lots of fun ideas.

  • First, dye eggs with your children. There are so many fun ways to decorate the eggs! You can purchase kits to do so at your grocery store. Paint over white crayon to expose the design. Cover the eggs with stickers. Write your name, draw a funny face. Whatever you choose to do, it will surely be an activity full of laughter for the kids!
  • Easter egg hunts are always a huge hit! Fill the plastic eggs with the best rewards you can think of. Put money in them! A quarter is worth much more to kids–you can get a gumball for a quarter! Make sure to hide the eggs in places that will be easy for the younger ones to find. Hide a fair share so that each child gets a good amount. Wait until after lunch/dinner, so your child doesn’t eat too much candy before the nutritional food!
  • Express gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life. Teach your children how important it is to be grateful. All the things you have that add value to your life are blessings! An attitude of gratitude can literally change your whole perspective. When we have a mindset of gratitude, all the annoyances of life suddenly seem much more meaningless!
  • The best thing about get-togethers is quality time with the people you love. Enjoy each other’s company and live in the moment. Laugh, share stories, forgive your differences, and express the love you have for each other. Monkey see monkey do–the love you express for each other will rub off on your kids, too!
  • Don’t forget to have your children brush their teeth after all that candy. Ha-ha!

If you’re not one to celebrate Easter, you can use Sunday as a day to embrace the warm weather that is approaching us! Yay for Springtime!

By: KayLynn P.

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