Cellphone/Smartphone Etiquette We Should all strive For

Cellphone/Smartphone Etiquette We Should all strive For

Cellphone/Smartphone Etiquette We Should all strive For

Please. Thank you. Excuse me. Pardon me.  You’re welcome. These are all words of civility. They are a part of etiquette. Then along came cellphones and smartphones.

We’ve all been there. Sitting next to someone on their cellphone in a restaurant who is talking too long and too loudly, or standing in the middle of the aisle of a grocery store while disconnected from their surroundings by talking on their phone. Perhaps we could all use a little dose of cellphone/smartphone etiquette.

Only Use Speakerphone When Absolutely Necessary

Using a speakerphone may make phone calls easier for you, but it can be annoying to the person on the other end of the call and for those around you.

Avoid Using Your Cellphone in Public

The days when talking on a cellphone in public made you look important are long gone. Most conversations can wait. If your call can not wait, please use your “inside voice”.

Silence Your Cellphone in Certain Situations

Unless you are expecting an absolutely critical call, do not bring your cellphone or have it turned on in meetings, movies, in restaurants, during funerals, or church. Be aware of situations you are entering and take action prior to entering situations where they are discouraged.

Don’t Fiddle with it When with Others in Social Situations

Checking your cellphone while dining or entertaining others may seem like they are not your priority. Pay attention to the people you are actually with.

Keep Your Ringtone at a Modest Level

Use vibrate or keep your ring at a low level, so it won’t bother others. There are only so many ringtones, and others may think your ringtone is theirs.

Avoid Texting During Face-to-Face Conversations with Others.

Someone you are carrying on a conversation with deserves your attention and respect. Texting while conversing with someone can be considered rude.

Cellphones and smartphones are remarkable communication devices that offer us exceptional connectivity. They need to be used with respect for others. Be conscious of your surroundings.

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